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A former South Dade Senior High student is suing the Miami-Dade County School Board for not providing her with better protection from her teacher who sent her lewd texts and had sex with the minor.

The 16-year-old, who goes by the initials C.R.R., is also asking for damages from her former geometry teacher Bresnniel Jansen Mones, who the lawsuit claims sent her graphic texts and took her virginity on his desk in December 2013.

The suit asks for monetary damages and claims neglect on behalf of the School Board, which it says knew of a similar incident at the same school also involving Mones, five years ago.

The suit says that in the fall of 2013, the girl was the victim of “unlawful intentional sexual battery, statuatory rape and other acts of sexual misconduct,” and that Mones committed the alleged crimes “while working as an employee of the School Board.”

Mones could not be reached Thursday and his criminal attorney — who represented him during an earlier plea deal after his arrest in January — was out of town. It’s not known if he has representation in the civil suit filed Thursday.

John Schuster, spokesman for Miami-Dade Public Schools, wouldn’t address the lawsuit, saying, “the district does not comment on pending litigation.”

In January, Mones, 32 at the time, was arrested by Miami-Dade Schools Police after the school’s principal learned he was having sex with the unnamed 16-year-old. A friend of the victim informed the principal, who notified police. Mones was originally charged with sexual battery, but reached an agreement with the Miami-Dade State Attorney for lesser charges.

In September, Mones pleaded guilty to sending lewd texts to his student through the school’s emailing system and by text to the girl’s phone. He also was charged with three counts of having sex with a minor.

Under the agreement, Mones was forced to register as a sex offender, never teach or babysit again and to stay away from minors. He agreed to 10 years probation, but the probation could end after eight years if he abides by the rules.

The civil suit filed Thursday says the School Board was aware of Mones’ history and should have been more protective of its students at South Dade High in Homestead. The girl’s attorney provided the Miami Herald with the results of an investigation by Schools Police into an incident in 2008 in which no probable cause was found to charge Mones.

The 10-page report shows MySpace and text message correspondence between Mones and another of his geometry students, but concludes that Mones did not engage in “sexually inappropriate conduct” with the student. Still, it found that he might have broken a rule that forbids even the appearance of impropriety. He was never punished.

The civil suit contends Mones began teaching C.R.R during the first quarter of 2013 and by the fall had sent messages that began as school-related, but escalated to a “very graphic, sexual nature.” It says between September and December 2013, Mones had oral sex with the girl and that “the sexual abuse continued and escalated to rape,” culminating in Mones “taking C.R.R’s virginity on his desk in his classroom at South Dade High School on Dec. 20, 2013.’’

Eventually, at her request, the lawsuit says, the student was transferred to Felix Varela High. What she didn’t know was that Mones lived directly across the street from the school. She’s been home schooled since.

“The intentional sexual battery by Jansen and grossly negligent, indifferent and reckless conduct, and breach of trust and confidence by School Board has caused C.R.R to experience severe and permanent psychological injuries and loss of her virginity,” the lawsuit says.

Miami Herald Staff Writer Charles Rabin contributed to this report.

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