Treadmill Thoughts

Every year I get an email reminding me of an auto charge I have scheduled for this domain name (crystalchew.com) and this blog.


And every year, even though I haven’t used it in years, I continue to renew my website.

Why? Just in case I want to do something with it.

This year I decided that I will do something with this.

What am I planning to do? I still haven’t decided. I been thinking about it every day for several weeks.

For now, I’ve decided to use it as a journal for when I’m on the treadmill or working out. I’m going to joint down all my thoughts when I do my best thinking. Then I’m going post it on here and maybe one of my “treadmill thoughts” will inspire a good idea.

It’s not going to be interesting, but it will make me feel less silly for renewing my domain every year just to have it sit here as a blank page.

Today’s work out: 45 minutes of yoga and a 3.15 mile jog/walk on the treadmill.

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